1 Tool That Will Grow Your Email List & Boost SEO

Ugh, the dreaded e-mail list and the word SEO at once?  That combination might be enough to send shivers down your spine and make you reach for the bottle of wine, am I right?  I totally get it.  It's unbelievably challenging to keep up with everything as a small business owner/blogger.  Everyone, everywhere is telling you to "Grow your e-mail list" or "Boost your SEO", but the real question is how do you do those things while staying sane and continuing to juggle everything else?!

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I want to share with you something that will shed some light on a really fun, interactive way to do both of those.  It's also opens the door to further follow up email communication that easily provides you both insight and topics of conversation that your audience will value.  

You've probably seen them before, maybe even done a few.  Meet Interact.  Interact is a quiz building platform that allows you to create a quiz about anything you'd like using your own questions and photos and then provide a result for the quiz taker.  

The platform is really user friendly and even allows you to use your own branding, color palette and fonts to create a cohesive quiz that easily embeds on your website.  You audience begins the quiz that typically is only a few questions long and you can allow the result to be emailed to them, which, in turn, allows you to capture their email address.  Win, win!

Now, you might be thinking, how does this boost my SEO?  Well, it's no secret that the amount of time someone spends on your website is a big deal.  It signals to search engines that, hey, this site might have something worthwhile on it.  Having a quiz that captures a visitor's attention even for a few minutes, will definitely help with that.  They might even end up taking the quiz and then exploring your site more while they await the email of their results.  

So, now that I have hopefully shown you the value of using this awesome platform to build a quiz of your own, https://www.tryinteract.com#oid=94837_4020

The best part is you can create quizzes that correspond with different blog posts and then use that very valuable information to start a series of emails with your audience!  This platform is truly incredible!  So, no more excuses on how hard it is to grow your email list!