DIY - Flock your Tree

It's December and you know what that means!  Tis the season, friends!  I wanted to share with you a quick DIY that I did last week that I'm super excited about!  I love flocked trees and since I have a home office that I work in 5 days out of the week, I decided it was time for a tree in my office.  So, I started searching online for a flocked tree that wouldn't break the bank and couldn't find one I loved.  (insert sad face) 

Not to worry though! This is where the fun begins.  I did a quick search for flock and realized this was an easy addition to any tree (real or fake, lit or unlit) and decided to try my hand at it!  If you've been eyeing the flocked look too, grab a tree, wreath or garland and follow these easy steps!  

*Please note, this post contains some affiliate links, but these are the products I used to create this look and I truly love them!  


STEP ONE: Grab a tree, garland, or a wreath that you love!  Keep in mind, these can be real or fake, lit or unlit!  

Here are some of my favorites!



STEP TWO:  The Flock

FYI - I purchased 5 pounds because I intend to do some garland and wreaths as well, but if you are only doing a tree, you wouldn't need 5 pounds.  You would probably be fine with ordering 2 pounds.  

STEP THREE: A spray bottle, large sifter, and a mask (you may already have these on hand).  You don't want to breathe in the flock.  


STEP FOUR: Grab some newspapers or a tarp.  (I did this in my garage with the door propped open, but you could also do it outside provided there is not much wind.)

Lay out the tarp or newspapers and place your tree on top.  (If your tree is faux, you need to have it all put together in place.)  If you don't have lights already pre-placed, no worries, you can add them later.  If your tree came pre-lit, you can leave them on.  Mine was pre-lit and I just left them as they were and it turned out perfect!

Put your mask on and fill the water bottle with good 'ol H2O.  Pour some flock into the sifter.  (Don't overflow it, but you can use a decent amount.)

Starting at the top of the tree, begin spraying the branches with water.  As you spray, beginning sifting the flock over the branches and work your way around the level you are at.  Keep spraying as you go. 

The water allows the flock to sit on the branches and once you have the desired amount, you'll want to re-spray to set the flock.  

Work your way down and around the entire tree spraying and sifting.  Once you are satisfied with the flock amount, go back and do one final spray of water over all the branches.  

Last step, you'll need to let the tree sit and dry.  I would leave it between 6-24 hours depending on the temperature where you are leaving it.  I left mine in the garage for about 7 hours after I was finished and then carried it inside.  You will naturally lose some flock, so don't be alarmed.  I also anticipate losing some when I store the tree after Christmas, but I have plenty on hand for touch ups in the coming years.   



Before the flock

The final product


Now it's your turn! 
Get your flock on and enjoy a bit of snow,
no matter where you live! 
Leave me a comment if you get your DIY on with this post!