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While it’s no secret that my heart belongs to serif fonts, I can’t deny that there are still some truly amazing sans serif fonts. I love the challenge of finding and mixing types so that that both provide a balance in both style and message. You can probably start to look at these fonts and get an idea of what feelings are evoked. This plays a key role in our perceptions of brands so it’s really important that your style and message are nailed through your type.

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The Best Serif Fonts for Branding Design - Part One

I’m guessing it is no secret that I’m a sucker for serif fonts. I love the upscale, sometimes historical feel that they can produce, especially for a brand. So I decided to compile a list of my favorites for you guys! And, of course that part one is there because I didn’t want to overload you all at once so I’ll do a part two in the future.

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