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While it’s no secret that my heart belongs to serif fonts, I can’t deny that there are still some truly amazing sans serif fonts. I love the challenge of finding and mixing types so that that both provide a balance in both style and message. You can probably start to look at these fonts and get an idea of what feelings are evoked. This plays a key role in our perceptions of brands so it’s really important that your style and message are nailed through your type.

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1 Tool That Will Grow Your Email List & Boost SEO

Ugh, the dreaded e-mail list and the word SEO at once?  That combination might be enough to send shivers down your spine and make you reach for the bottle of wine, am I right?  I totally get it.  It's unbelievably challenging to keep up with everything as a small business owner/blogger.  Everyone, everywhere is telling you to "Grow your e-mail list" or "Boost your SEO", but the real question is how do you do those things while staying sane and continuing to juggle everything else?!

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The #1 Tool You Need for Pinterest Growth

So unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Pinterest by now.  You may have stumbled down the rabbit hole a time or two and realized the magic of creating boards full of inspiration, fashion, recipes, or tutorials.  What you may not have realized is just how powerful the platform has become and if you're a small business or blogger or looking to become one, you definitely need to keep reading.  

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