The #1 Tool You Need for Pinterest Growth

So unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Pinterest by now.  You may have stumbled down the rabbit hole a time or two and realized the magic of creating boards full of inspiration, fashion, recipes, or tutorials.  What you may not have realized is just how powerful the platform has become and if you're a small business or blogger or looking to become one, you definitely need to keep reading.  


You may have been like me.  I joined Pinterest when it first launched and created an account for myself.  I frequently pinned recipes to try or kid-friendly activities, heck, it was even my go-to when I was planning our family vacation to San Francisco.  I loved Pinterest from first sight, but it wasn't until I started my small business that I really began experimenting with the platform as a means of getting some real traffic to my website.  

Did you know that Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media platform?

As a small business owner, social media is a necessity.  Up until recently, I basically checked the box with Pinterest.  My pinning was erratic at best and I devoted most of my social media time on Instagram.  Unfortunately, (and fortunately) Instagram's consistently awful algorithm changes dramatically began to affect my performance and made me question my time on there.  Why was I stressing every single day about what to post, what to say and what hashtags were most effective for only 40 people to even see it?  

I decided to explore Pinterest with more energy.  The reality was that I had small business friends who would constantly talk about how all their clients found them on Pinterest and I even witnessed my own clients consistently hitting high traffic numbers from using this social media platform alone.  

One problem.  I don't have the time to pin all day long.  I can barely find time to fold my laundry and go grocery shopping, much less find relevant content and pin it so how was I going to realistically make my Pinterest account see major growth without investing much time?  Don't fret, if this is totally what you are thinking, I got you covered. 

There is a magical tool that has helped me go from 3,000 views a month to my current 490,000 in less than two months time.  Are you ready to do the same?  

After researching all types of Pinterest marketing tools and speaking to social media based business owners, I had narrowed the field to one must have tool.  I went all-in and signed up and prayed this would work like I hoped.  

Let me introduce you to my small business buddy, Tailwind.  Tailwind is a Pinterest certified tool that enables you to schedule pins to automatically post for you at the most optimum times.  When I first began, I was able to schedule an entire month in about 30 mins.  I was shocked.  The other great thing, is that you can use the scheduler on your computer, tablet or phone.  I don't know about you, but this is a must have.  Take a peek below at my scheduler.  Everything I pin gets it's own time slot and you can drag and move them or shuffle them with a simple click.  You can also schedule pins for multiple boards.  


If you are ready to up your Pinterest growth, you have to try this tool, I know you won't be disappointed.  I mean, it's basically like a robot vacuum and who's going to say no to less work and more free time?  Not moi!  And because I really want you to try it, I'm giving you ONE free month!  If you don't see some serious change during your month (highly doubtful) then no worries, you are free and clear.  

What are you waiting for?

Grab your free month here!

Be sure to come back and let me know what you think!  I'd also love for you to check out my Pinterest account and follow me there!

*This post contains affiliate links that may provide me with compensation based on your purchase, however, I only recommend products that I myself use and love.  

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