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How to create an incredible client experience (& why you need to)

Client experience is something most people brush off, thinking, of course I've got that!  But, do you really?  And if you do, does it align with the goals and values you set for brand?  Yeah. I see you nodding your head.  Now, let me ask you this, realistically, is every client/customer getting this same experience?  Less nodding going on?  Why is it that every client doesn't get the same experience?  I know what you're thinking, clients are different.  They have different personalities, some are more needy and some are less involved, I get that, but why are you allowing your clients to dictate the experience YOU provide?  Don't you think you'd attract more of your ideal clients if you had a consistent experience?  Don't you also think you'd be less stressed if your experience was neatly outlined and organized?

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