Where passionate creatives meet purposeful design


it takes grit, perseverance, &
raw passion to be a small
business owner  

and those are my favorite qualities in my clients. 



three hellos collaborates with creatives and
small businesses who want to clearly communicate their passion through detailed, authentic, and sophisticated design.  


I'm Lauren, the creative behind Three Hellos.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and have always been a true creative at heart.  My creative journey began with my love of photography and journalism and blossomed into graphic design throughout the course of my education.  I am intensely passionate about supporting creative entrepreneurs and helping them to bring their business dreams to a visual level. 


My purpose is to tell your story through clearly aligned visuals that target the people who are as excited about your products and services as you are.


Putting pen to paper, watching negatives develop in the dark, & telling stories through visuals...

I fell in love with creative writing at a young age and adored the way words can make you feel. At 18, I began developing my own film in the darkroom and fell in love all over again.  There is something truly romantic about watching a blank canvas appear with a treasured memory in the dark.  Photography would have been a natural path for me, but the words were missing. 
I wanted to tell the whole story.


To me, branding is personal. 
It should be intentional, detailed, and as authentic as the person behind it.  

It's true that you can feel included by a font choice, the placement of an icon can make you feel welcome, and the power of heartfelt branding can bridge the connection between an admirer and a client.  My passion and purpose is to design sophisticated brands and cohesive websites that build confidence in you as a business owner. This confidence creates a transformation. 
A clear path to success and a pride that cannot be feigned.

I believe everyone deserves to be truly confident.

Confidence leads you to dream bigger, push the boundaries,
and live the life you always imagined, you deserve it, so let's create it.  


The story behind the name

Three Hellos originated from the welcoming of each one of my three kiddos!  I often greet them by saying, "hello, hello, hello!"  I also just truly love the word hello and how inclusive and welcoming it is.  No matter what language you speak, where you come from, what your background is, or what may or may not separate us, hello always feels warm and inviting.  This is exactly how I want every person I come across to feel.  You are welcome here and you belong.  


That's my story, what's yours?