my process is centered around collaboration

You'll feel like you have a designer as part of your company.
A fellow small business owner who shares the same struggles,
ignites with the same passion,
and wants you to be successful as much as you do.



Following your initial inquiry, I will schedule a time to have a Zoom meeting to speak about your business, reasoning behind needing to brand/rebrand, goals and visions.  You will also be encouraged to ask questions about me and the process/expectations.  I will also go into detail regarding the reasoning behind the branding process and the way things are designed.  Once you have selected a collection, I will send a proposal outlining the scope of our work together along with an invoice and contract.  After the initial retainer has been received and the contract has been signed, the next step will be for you to complete an initial questionnaire, which will go into further details regarding your project.  You will also be mailed my welcome box with my in-depth branding workbook to begin honing in your brand story and identifying your ideal clientele and their behavior.  We utilize a lot of strategy to develop the brand that will not only successfully attract your ideal client, but lead to true conversions.  




The questionnaire is very specific and will also outline any homework you will be expected to complete in regards to the overall direction and vision for the project.  Once the questionnaire is complete, I will issue a project guide outlining the scope and details of your project.  The guide will further breakdown the process, the timeline, deliverables and expectations.  I will also set up a secret share Pinterest board as well as a Trello board for us to further communicate and for you to submit any necessary documents.  These will allow us to have an overview at all times of where the project currently stands and what is up and coming.  *Please note, it is your responsibility to communicate any delays in deliverables pertaining to your project and also note, these may delay your timeline.




Upon developing a strong enough sense of inspiration and style from the Pinterest and questionnaire, I will begin the design process of conceptualizing logos and sub marks that will achieve a cohesive look aimed at high visibility from your target audience.  A Skype call is scheduled for the initial round of logo presentations.  The options are all presented in black and white during the first rounds of revisions and once you have selected the logo you feel best represents your brand and have signed off on it, I will begin adding other elements and a color palette.  




When the branding board is complete and finalized by you, I will begin prepping your final files for delivery.  These files can be delivered via Dropbox or Google Drive.  Once these are delivered, I will begin designing the other marketing collateral aspects that were purchased or included in your collection.  

Some possibilities include, stickers, PDF's, notecards, or even full client gifting curation or custom packaging design.  To me, a polished brand is all about the details that carry out your story cohesively. 




By this point, we have a design aesthetic established.  Prior the start of your website, I will set up a Trello board for you to drop in all the copy and images you wish to be used on each page of your new website.  A landing page or coming soon page will be implemented, dependent upon whether this is a brand new site or a refresh of a current site and your desires.  At this point, the true collaboration and highlight of my process begins.  Throughout the website design, you will have access to check out the site at any time and give input.  It's truly a collaborative effort and I value this team process.  This website is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities for your business and I want you to have a hand in the final product and it's success.  




A launch date will be selected and your final invoice will be sent.  Once the final payment has been processed, we will remove the landing page and allow your full site to go live. You will also be sent your launch kit to effectively market your new site and celebrate it's launch over the two social media platforms you selected at booking.  During the next 14 days or month, dependent upon your selected collection, you will begin your unlimited email support in regards to your site and its functionality.  Any changes that are required after final approval, will be billed separately at my hourly rate and will need to paid in full.


wonder what it's like to work with me?